Unfortunately, Roane Publishing has closed its doors. Kissing Micky is currently (and hopefully temporarily) no longer available for purchase, and the release of Chasing Paige is on hold.
I am currently actively searching for a new publisher, and hope to have things back on track soon.
Until then... well, pretty much no links on this website are worth much of anything.
More info as I have it... crossing fingers...

I wrote a book about sex and hockey, and it got published.

Wanna FREE sneak peek?  Check it out at smashwords .

"Kissing Micky is a fun, witty, captivating story that grips the readers attention from the first page until the incredible end.
...I honestly believe once you start Kissing Micky, you won't want to stop."
                   - Liz's Reading Life

"Great characters, great storyline, lots of laughs, lots of love; that's a recipe for an awesome book."
                   - Alphas Do It Better

Check out my guest post on Roane Publishing's blog.

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Ellen Devlin
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Lover of men.  And beards.  And men with beards. 
Also men without beards.
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